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  1. Submissions are accepted by email, on disc or as hard-copy. Articles should be submitted in their final form and typed (in Times New Roman) with double spacing and with generous margins on A4 paper. A copy should be retained by the author who should provide name, address and telephone number along with a good estimate of the number of words in text and A succinct autobiography in no more than 45 words should be included.
  2. English spelling conventions should be followed and where Welsh, Latin or other language quotations are inserted they should be accompanied by a translation in the main Quotations should be either enclosed in inverted commas or presented as indented paragraphs.
  3. Notes should be kept brief and avoid Bibliographical references should be full and accurate. These should be printed at the end of the article and should be numbered consecutively.

Contributors are asked to adhere closely to the preferred form of reference:

(a) A reference to a book should give the author’s name, the title of the book in italics, the edition, if not the first; the place of publication and the date should appear in parentheses, volume number in roman capitals and page numbers referred to. Strict attention should be paid to punctuation. For example:

W. Davies, Wales in the Early Middle Ages (Leicester, 1982), 77.

F.M. Powicke, The Thirteenth Century (2nd ed., London, 1962), 11-12.

T.F. Tout, Chapters in Medieval Administrative History (4 vols., Manchester, 1920, IV, 201-207)

(b) References from articles in books or journals should be given thus:

E. Bennett, Joyce and Shaw, in L Williams (ed.), James Joyce (London, 1975), 58.

D.T. Williams, The Port Books of Swansea and Neath, in Archaeologia Cambrensis, XCV (1940), 194.

4. Illustrations are encouraged and where possible should be provided separate to the text, numbered in sequence and labelled with appropriate captions. Copyright clearance for illustrations provided by the contributor is the author’s responsibility and full acknowledgement of sources should be included.

5. Corrections to accepted scripts should be kept to the The editor reserves the right to refuse any extensive alterations to texts in proof and prompt return of proofs is essential.